A Statement on HES(R) Hot Melt M/C and Spare Parts


We, Hwangsun Technical Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Hwang Sun Industrial Co., Ltd. in China, have never authorized any agent or anybody as the thirdparty to sell our M/C or spare parts to any company.

For a period of time, in the market there are some brands which have the similar exterior appearance, which tried to make ourclients puzzled, there are some others even engraved with "HES", they call themselves the sales reps from HWANG SUN.In fact they are not authorized. Their deeds harm the benefits of not only the genuine HES's,but also our clients-thesespare parts will consume machine severely and shorten machine life.

Our machines and spare parts have been tested in our Labortaory and rechecked before delivery.

To purchase the genuine HES(R) M/C or spare parts in China, please dial either of the following phone numbers:

South China: +86-769-81636099 Sales Dept

East China: +86-15051532588 Albert Hsieh