HP105S Hot Melt Applicator

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  1. Digital Control Panel. The melting tank and the nozzle have independent temperature controls and digital display.
  2. Preset the time of machine turn on.
  3. Warm Keeping Design decreases the glue carbonization and corresponds to the environmental-friendly pursuit.
  4. Alarm system while the machine gets breakdown.
  5. Auto notice for machine maintenance.
  6. Be able to proceed the remote control with the internet connection to supervise the machine operation.
  7. The record of the machine maintenance and the spare part change.
  8. Dual-action piston pump is durable by using low-friction coefficient components.
  9. Two-stage filter design increases the product efficiency and decreases the need of maintenance.


Tank Capacity Liter 5
Max. Operation Temperature °C 220
Max. Viscosity CPS 12000
Hose/Gun Set 1
Air Pressure Kg/cm2 0.5 - 4
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 545 × 280 × 720
Weight Kg 35
Melting Tank Power Watt 2000
Power Requirement   220 V, 50/60Hz, 1Φ