HR104 Pur Foil Encased Slugs Melter



  1. Individual temperature control system for melting tank, pre-heat tank, hose and gun.
  2. Equipped with 7-inch touch panel for easy and simple operation to user.
  3. Alarm will be on while running out of PUR adhesive, which is to inform customer of adhesive re-loading.
  4. Tank is specially designed for quick and simple disassembly, no special tools required for tank cleaning, which can enhance working efficiency.
  5. Equipped with 24-hr timer for automatically switch on / off this PUR melter for time saving. Two numbers of time setting program for each day are available in this 24-hr timer.
  6. Glue flow is controlled by inverter. This PUR melter is capable of linking robot or automatic machinery.
  7. Equipped with built-in safety relief valve to avoid peripheral equipment being damaged caused by excessive pressure. Cylinder will automatically stopped while opening tank lid in order to prevent cylinder from being in mal-operation.
  8. This PUR melter will automatically supply glue when sensor detects adhesive level in tank is at lower position.


Tank Capacity Gallon 4
Max. Melting Rate Kg/HR 3
Max. Operation Temperature °C 200
Max. Glue Flow Rate g/Min 370
Max. Viscosity CPS 30000
Hose/Gun Set 1 - 2
Air Pressure Requirement Kg/cm2 0.5 - 4
Dimensions(L × W × H) mm 780 × 370 × 1025
Weight Kg 85
Melting Tank Power Watt 4000
Power Requirement   220V AC, 32A, 50/60Hz, 1Φ