HS105 Hot Melt Applicator



  1. The function of warning malfunction.
  2. The gear pump is install vertically for stable the glue pumping rate and easy for maintenance.
  3. With a precision glue flow adjustor valve and electrical inverter for the motor to ensure the glue flow satiability.
  4. Double layer stainless steel filter net to catch the impurities for extend the machine life.
  5. Individual temperature control with digital controller for melting tank, dispensing nozzle and hose.
  6. Melting tank, dispensing nozzle and hose could be heated orderly to avoid the nozzle over heat and to reduce the carbonization.
  7. Weekly timer for setting the time to turn on and off the machine automatically by requirements.
  8. The function of keep warm as a "Stand - By" status to reduce the carbonized of the hot melt and meet the envelopment friendly purpose.


Tank Capacity Liter 5
Max. Melting Rate Kg/HR 7
Max. Operation Temp. °C 200
Max. Viscosity CPS 30000
Glue Flow Rate g/Min 250
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 640 × 350 × 450
Wight Kg 58
Available Hose/Gun Set 1 - 2
Melting Tank Power Watt 2000
Power Requirement   220V AC, 18A, 50/60Hz, 1Φ