HS2506 Hot Melt Applicator



  1. Specially designed for PU reactive hot melt. Teflon coated heating pan for easily cleaning of retained hot melt. Heating pan with fins designed for common hot melt application is available too.
  2. When heating pan is lowered into the tank, only the upper part of barrel is heated. Other parts remain at room temperature. The applied packing ring can resist high pressure and heat, isolate moisture air, and prevent PU adhesive reacting in the barrel.
  3. The precise temperature control system adopts PID, which gives alarm when over heating and switch off heater automatically. The precision reaches ±1°C. This can reduce chars inside drum and makes the machine more durable.
  4. Hot melt level detector is installed. Level is adjustable. When hot melt is nearly used up, an alarm will notify the operator to change another drum of hot melt promptly.
  5. Speed-Glue tracing system is optional. When this machine works as a glue supplier (a melter) only, flow-rate can be regulated automatically depending on the consumption of glue of the main machine (coater or sprayer).


Applicable Bucket Gallon 5 (Φ280 or Φ286 mm)
Max. Glue Flow Rate g/MIN 500
Max. Operation Temperature °C 200
Sets of Hose and Gun Set 1~2
Dimensions mm 730 × 670 × 1120 (Down) ~1620 (Up)
Viscosity CPS 100000
Weight Kg Approx. 253
Heating Power Watt 5100
Power Requirement   220V AC,25A,50/60Hz,3Φ