HS81420-0005 Water-Based Glue Applicator



  1. To respond to the power-saving demand from clients, HES has recently developed a new cold glue sprayer. It has the following advantages. Running the machine needs no electric power. Glue Saving. Get the machine connected with compressed air and it is ready. HES develop it to spray water based cement. It is a floor-standing machine. There are three air valves. Under the platform there are a tank and a footswitch.
  2. Operation:
    Before operation, get the air source connected. Sitting in front of the machine, flatly put the substrate below the nozzle. Depress the footswitch, cold glue will be sprayed onto the substrate in mists. Move the substrate with hands to control the spraying area. Note to clean the hydraulic system with water after work.
  3. Application:
    The machine is tested OK in a shoe-making company in Guangzhou. It can be widely used in spraying cold glue onto vamp, toe box and etc of sports shoes and casual shoes. It can play an important role in making leather bags or leather belts too.


SPEC UNIT HS81420-0005
Tank Capacity Liter 5
Air Pressure Kg/cm2 2.5~4
Dimensions mm 700 × 530 × 1260