JY2016 Hot Melt Glue Gun

CHT and EN


  1. This glue gun is based on our experience of making and marketing hot melt gun and hot melt applicator. It was designed for Japan market.
  2. Specification
    Rated Voltage: AC 110V or 220V (Please read the packaging)
    Rated Power: 110V / 160W,220V / 200W
    Working Temp: 130-210℃ (adjustable on demand)
    N.W: 780G (Power Cords included)
    Glue Stick Size: φ11-12MM,20-30CM long
    Nozzle Tip: Orifice: 2.5MM / Orifice: 1.0MM / 3.5MM (Flat Outlet) / Special Nozzle tip
    Temperature Control: High performance IC
    Overheating Protection: When temperature exceeds normal temperature too much,the fuse will get burned,the glue gun will be OFF.
    Dimension: 330×215×65 MM
  3. How to Set Temperature
    Close to the handle there is a control panel, on the control panel there is a knob to set temperature, what the arrow point to is the preset temperature. Turn left to raise the preset value,turn right to lower the preset value. Do not rotate the knob any more when it reaches the maximum. The default temperature value is set at 210°C before delivery.
  4. Indicator
    Warm up the glue gun for about 7-8 mins,slightly depress the trigger to see if hot melt flows out smoothly.Switched the glue gun to ON, the red indicator "WAIT"is on, it's time to heat the glue gun.
    When the glue gun reaches its preset temperature, it will stop heating, the green indicator "READY" will be ON, the gun is ready to work.


Operation Temperature °C 130~210
Max. Viscosity CPS 20,000
Dimensions mm 330 × 215 × 65
Weight Kg 0.78
Power Watt 160 (110V) / 200 (220V)
Power Requirement   110V AC / 220 V AC